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Cisco Call Manager User Login


I am (abviously) new to the whole VoIP world. We have implemented a Call Manager and a couple phones to prove the concept. Like so many other projects, this has been consistantly pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Well now it's a high priority again, and I cannot remember our login to the Call Manager User interface. I know the Call Manager login, but I cannot login as a User to modify per user settings. The error I get when attempting to login is "You could not be authenticated successfully. Please try again. (Reason: Connection to the LDAP server failed, see result code)" Is this error coming up because I am using the wrong username and/or password? Or is it pointing at a different problem? Thanks!

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Step 1: The URL for accessing per user settings on the phone is http:///ccmuser. You should get a username and password prompt. Key in your username and password (not admin username/password) If you have forgotten the password, go to Step 2.

Step 2: To do the following you would need the administrator access to CM.

Go to http:///ccmadmin. Under User -> Global Directory is where you create users. Search your user name, and if you do not remember the password, reset the password from this page and go to Step 1.

Hope that helps!

Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
Pacific Northwest | CDW
CCIE Collaboration #17135 Emeritus

I tried step one and step two, but I keep getting the same error "You could not be authenticated successfully. Please try again. (Reason: Connection to the LDAP server failed, see result code)"

Could tis be a DB problem?

I have a silly question. I know what the password is used for on the CCMUSER page; to gain access to the ccmuser page of course. But, when would an end user ever use the PIN that is created in Call Manager on the user ID profile? An end user asked why dod I have to have a password AND a pin? Would they use the pin for extension mobility? What features are protected or accessed by the pin?


PIN's are used for extension mobility logon as you have mentioned, but also for other applications, such as IP Phone Services. Personal Address Books and Personal Fast Dials spring to mind.



Re the user logon issue, are you using Multi Level Admin on your server? That is, when you access http://servername/ccmadmin do you get prompted for a username and password? If so the administrator username is changed to CCMADMINSTRATOR. The password will be the one you set at installation of CCM.




Thank you for the information. I am good to go now.

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