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Cisco Call Recording, planning.

Hello Everyone,


I'm planning on deploying a call recording solution, taking advantage for Cisco's recording and monitoring technology. The plan is to integrate with a 3rd party using SIP trunks and an application user (JTAPI). 


I'm working with Cisco Unifed Communications Manager 10.5. The system has  been around for a while, I didn't size it or build it. The platform is lacking documentation so I'm not entirely sure what hardware I'm working with yet; I'm working through that at the moment.


Moving past all that... it's my understanding that when built in bridge is enabled on a phone that supports recording the device sets up 2 additional calls (a copy of the local and remote streams) to the call recording server. My first question is... is it right to consider the 2 additional data streams as "calls" ? If it is am I correct in assuming there will be an impact on the call processing on the subscriber? When the original platform sizing was carried out, the original call recording solution was VoIP Interception. Going forward if we use VoIP delivery should I expect an impact on call processing? 


If anybody else has deployed a VoIP delivery solution I'd appreciate any feedback. At present I've built the call recording solution and it's working as expected, but we're only doing this as a pilot for a small number of users... so the design is good but I'm concerned about the sizing requirements / limitations. 


Thank You

Cisco Employee

How many phones / users are on the CUCM cluster. How many subs in the cluster? And how many users are expected to be recorded. That really would determine the overall impact. 500 phone, with 50 concurrent calls all being recorded will not be a problem even on a single sub.

BiB Call recording does generate a sperate SIP call to the recorder server, but unless you have multiple thousands of calls being recorded, the impact should not be much.

Hi Mike, Thanks for responding.

System details:

  • System version: | VMware Installation: 4 vCPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5640 @ 2.67GHz, disk 1: 110Gbytes, 6144Mbytes RAM, Partitions aligned
  • IP phone based architecture in a single CUCM cluster
  • G711 (a-law and u-law supported).
  • 1 Publisher / 7 Subscribers.
  • Max call concurrency 716 spread across multiple sites / devices are fairly evenly spread across the subscribers (device pools / CM groups).
  • 6800 total devices (total for all CM groups).
  • 3,200 Cisco 7942's and 7941's in scope for enabling built in bridge (to accommodate extension mobility).
  • Approx. 4700 total phones.
  • 1600 users in scope for recording (approx. 4500 total users on platform).

Any insight you can share will be hugely appreciated.


Thank You


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