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Cisco IP/VC 3510 MCU and Polycom ViaVideo.

I am trying to connect multiple Polycom ViaVideo units to a Cisco 3510 MCU for an ad hoc multipoint video conference, with no success.

My first question is can anyone tell me what form the 'dail string' has to be in? Until now, all I have done is point-to-point video calls with the Polycom, which only requires an IP address. I know it would include a prefix like 62 or something similar.

When the first ViaVideo unit calls in to the MCU, what should happen? The call should be connected, and then wait for others to join?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco IP/VC 3510 MCU and Polycom ViaVideo.

1.. You will need to register all endpoints and MCU with a gatekeeper You can't initiate a call to an MCU via IP address.

2. You need to configure a service prefix that supports the number of users and data rate required.

3. There are two ways to initiate MCU calls (not including a scheduled call)

4. "Meet me" first user opens the conference (by dialing service prefix, say 62, and a conference ID, let's say 1234. ) This will open a conference 621234 and others can dial this number to join the conference.

5. "Invite" first user dials 621234****. This will open conference 621234 and bring two other participants in. the ** tells the MCU to dial a number.


Re: Cisco IP/VC 3510 MCU and Polycom ViaVideo.

Thank you.

However, I don't understand how dialing a service prefix and a arbitrary conference ID will connect an endpoint to the MCU?

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