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Cisco Jabber MRA : Cannot login from internet

Dear all,


I have the following : CUCM 10.5, IM & P 10.5, VCS C 8.2, VCS E 8.2. CUCM, IM & P, VCS C are located in the internal network. VCS E is located in the DMZ. I'm sure that firewall configuration is already opened according to Deployment Guide.

I've checked UC status in VCS C and VCS E, Unified Communications services is active, traversal zone is active.

Does anybody have any idea?



Cisco Employee

I had a look at the jabber

I had a look at the jabber logs that were provided and the issue appears to be host name resolution. (atleast in this login attempt)


The client is able to successfully retrieve the collab-edge record for the "" domain.


DNS query succeeded for ''


The client then tries to send the get_edge_config to the following address:


What's odd about this is that the request has the domain listed twice. Due to this the login is failing with a "Could not resolve host" error.


2014-08-19 16:35:47,444 INFO  [0x000025a8] [ls\src\http\CurlAnswerEvaluator.cpp(108)] [csf.httpclient] [http::CurlAnswerEvaluator::curlCodeToResult] - curlCode=[6] error message=[Could not resolve host:] result=[UNRESOLVED_HOST_ERROR]
2014-08-19 16:35:47,444 ERROR [0x000025a8] [ls\src\http\BasicHttpClientImpl.cpp(382)] [csf.httpclient] [http::executeImpl] - There was an issue performing the call to curl_easy_perform: UNRESOLVED_HOST_ERROR


These logs suggest that there is an error with the collab-edge response. For some reason it's listed with the domain twice. I would double check your collab-edge SRV to see how you have it formatted.


I hope this helps.

VIP Mentor

Looks like you have a DNS SRV

Looks like you have a DNS SRV record issue...Jabber cant find the SRV record for collab-edge

DNS query failed for '': 9003 DNS name does not exist.

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