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Cisco onramp/offramp faxing

Hi all. 

recently we are working on this scenario to send and receive faxes. the offramp portion does not work at all but the onramp section works with problems. the problem is that sometime just the portion of the pages that we send via fax machine are received by mail accounts (for example half a a page). my configs are as follows:


c2921(config-dial-peer)#do sh run 
dial-peer voice 33 pots
 service onramp-app
 incoming called-number ...
 port 0/0/0:15
dial-peer voice 99 mmoip
 service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound
 max-conn 48
 destination-pattern 866
 information-type fax
 session target mailto:faxinbox2@test.fax
dial-peer voice 29 mmoip
 service offramp-app
 information-type fax
 incoming called-number 8..
 image encoding MH
 image resolution fine
 dsn delayed
 dsn success
 dsn failure
dial-peer voice 54 pots
 max-conn 48
 destination-pattern 8..
 port 0/0/0:15
 forward-digits all
dial-peer voice 98 mmoip
 service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound
 max-conn 48
 destination-pattern 868
 information-type fax
 session target mailto:faxinbox1@test.fax
ip domain name test.fax
fax receive called-subscriber $d$
fax send transmitting-subscriber $s$
fax interface-type fax-mail
mta send server port 25
mta send subject "mail from fax"
mta send origin-prefix "cisco-powerred Fax System"
mta send postmaster pm@test.fax
mta send mail-from hostname router.test.fax
mta send mail-from username $s$
mta send return-receipt-to username $s$
mta receive aliases test.fax
mta receive maximum-recipients 48
mta receive generate permanent-error
 service offramp flash:app_faxmail_offramp.
 service fax_detect flash:app_fax_detect.
 service onramp-app flash:app_faxmail_onramp.

in the above configuration, I've created two dial-peer for to internal fax numbers (866 and 868) so if fax is sent to 866, the mail is sent to "faxinbox2" mail account and the fax is sent to 868 is delivered to "faxinbox1" mail account. sometime the pages are delivered completely and correctly to mailboxes, but sometime just the half of the pages are faxed. I've tried this on many fax machines. any help would be appreciated. tnx.

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I tried to configure T37

I tried to configure T37 onramp/offramp fax in my network but after several attempts I failed to apply it completely and just portion of that worked well. despite describing the scenario in many forums (like here), I got nothing!

anyway, I'm going to test it in a simple form. I mean, I want to connect my edge router to PSTN line via an FXO port and via ethernet to internal network. my internal network has many physical fax machines that have gotten their internal tel numbers (like 866, 867, ...) from PBX . so can I use this scenario to configure the router to support these fax machine, or I should connect fax machines directly to router through FXS ports? tnx. 

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