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Cisco spark and call manager



I understand that  Cisco spark is an online collaboration tool that can be integrated to cucm via collaboration cloud management. The spark provide a platform for users to do video conference calls with 3 people, by default. The following architecture exists for the on premise deployment.

Cisco BE6000

Cisco publisher 11.0

Cisco im and presence server 11.0

Cisco 8945 phones

Telepresence Mx 700

Cisco jabber

For the integration of cucm to cloud collaboration management, what are the components that are needed to the above existing on premise deployment?

Guess,  Cisco expressway c version 8.7 and later

Cisco expressway E

I want to ask if Cisco expressway E sis mandatory since firewall does not exist in my network. Also, how can one access the collaboration cloud management Web interface?

Thanks you in anticipation

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The following deployment guide for Spark Hybrid covers the information you are looking for ( specifically pages 3 and 4 )



 Hello Manish

Thank you for your response.I read this deployment  guide before posting the question. The document provides an  overview of the Cloud Management portal without specifying how one can access it for the first time. I did another check on the google and found that the url is i tried to log in but got a warning message ''you are not authorized to view this page'' I believe that one needs to purchase a license key  before he/she can access the cloud collaboration management portal,

Also, the document did not provide the logical set up of the cisco expressway edge and the cloud collaboration portal. I mean the ip address of the expressway edge and the ip address of the cloud collaboration portal

Hello, Can you share with me the logical set up for expressway e and the collaboration cloud for hybrid services? I have read the deployment guide but I am confused with the ip address settings. I understand that expressway e is linked to the Internet. In my network I have router that is performing nat translation. The public subnet is /30 which means only one usable host. Which public address will I put on the expressway e? I understand that one can activate dual network interface, lan 2 and lan 1.while lan 2 is used for public interface, lan 1 is used for private interface. Does it mean that the lan 1 is the one that connects to expressway c?
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