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Cisco VoIP Gateway Configuration with Genesys

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Level 1

I would be interested in seeing the configuration posted in a previous thread outlining a successful Cisco to Genesys implementation.

I am setting up a Cisco ip2ip gateway to work in conjunction with the Genesys auto answer feature. While I am slightly baffled at what is happening there, seeing a standardized config would help considerably. I am sure there is some setting that would greatly aid in the implementation. I would be happy to post my config if it would help.

Attached are the sip messages related to the auto answer.

It appears as if it sends a notify to the Cisco device, but the Cisco responds with SIP/2.0 489 Bad Event - Malformed/Unsupported Event.

Is there anything that can be done to support the subscribe / notify that is being received from the Genesys?

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Level 5

489 is indeed a response to a subscription request or notification containing an Event package that is unknown or not supported. It's also used to reject subscription requests that do not specify an Event package at all.