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Michael Durham

CME 12.0 & CUE 8.6 questions on a Cisco 2911 router, NOT SERVER BASED!

I have some CME 12.0 questions on a Cisco 2911 router, NOT SERVER BASED!

1. Can the TAPI or other software interface allow a user to dial a Cisco phone (softphone or a desk pohne) from within a web app? Some cloud based phone systems do have this feature.

2. When a caller calls in and the que if full, can they be given the option to keep their place in line yet hang up and receive a return callback when its their turn?
ie: Press 7 to hold your place in line and you will receive a callback when a representative become available.

3. Could a caller press an IRV menu option that would then send a url link to their phone? The SIP trunk service does support SMS.
ie: Press 8 and you will be sent a link so that you can schedule a return phone call at your convenience. SMS sends to captured or entered phone number.

4. Is there any way to schedule a return call by date/time? May need 3rd party program for this one.
ie: Press 9 to schedule a return phone call time and date and someone will call you at that time.

5. Could you use the CUE 8.6 to broadcast an outgoing message where the messages all would be the same but the name and number would change. Also need it to write a record in the CRM program that is web based.
ie: Hi "John Smith" we are calling you about your insurance ........
A simple csv list of names and numbers need to added to the broadcast list easily.

I may have a customer that wants a Cisco phone system for their health insurance company for about 15 employees. During open enrollment they get lots of calls and need options 2, 3, or 4 (or a mix). Question 1 is very important. They use web based CRM software. Question 5 would be nice to offload some tedious work. We would need an easy to "drop in" a list of names and numbers, up to a few hundred of them.

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