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CME Express and PSTN Connectivity

I have a CME with running on a 3725 and iave some FXO' ports running on 2651 how is the best way to get the calls from the PSTN to route to the IP phones, DOes anyone have an sample config where the PSTN gateway is running on another router than the CME...

I do have some ideas using PLAR but if someone has done this I would like to see. The other router just contains FXO cards.



Yes, use connection plar opx on the FXO ports to whatever numbers you want. Put a voip dial peer on the 2651 pointing to the 3725 with a destination pattern of whatever you used for the PLAR statement (I'd assume you would use someone's phone.) If the PLAR matches a CME users Number, then that should work. Also, create a voip dial peer on the 3725 pointing back to the 2651. And a outgoing pots dial peer on the 2651 poiting to the FXO port(s).

Mine situation is same. I'm using 2851XM as CME and 3810V3 with FXO for PSTN. I'm able to dial out via IP phone but when calling from outside phone is not transfered to EXTENSION OR AA.

PSTN<<<<---3810V3 (FXO port)<<<2851XM (CME/CUE)<

We ordered VIC2fxo earlier but not supported with 2851XM now we are waiting for NM-HDA voice module. I was trying to setup PSTN gateway using 3810 router but not able to recieve call on CME.

Any suggestions for typical config for both routers Dial peers. I have two dial peers on both routers one pointing TO 91....... and for VOIP using session targaet IPV4.

Please assist,

Thanks in advance



Plar with a voip dial-peer/destination-pattern/session target ipv4: will work to get the call to CME. You'll need a autoattendant on CME to sort out the calls. Only problem is, since its_Cisco. requires a pots dial-peer, you'll have to configure it under Telephony-service all of your calls, including IP phones, will use the AA for all calls.

Also, you could disable Direct-inward-dial on the ingress gateway inbound dial-peers. Problem here is that there is no prompt for the inbound caller to dial extensions - just dial tone.

Another, perhaps better, approach is to install the AA on the ingress gateway pots dial-peers. Then create voip dial-peers with destination-patterns to the IP phones on CME for the and session targets to CME. Basically sort out the calls on ingress before they get to CME.

See tje Readme info on the CME packaged AutoAttendant



gateway#more flash:its_Cisco.

Script name: its_Cisco.

Parent of the Script: its_Cisco.

Description of Script functionality:

its_Cisco. has added call handoff capability for transfering or/and forwarding an incoming call received from this script to CME 3.0 code with built-in H.450 support.

Note this script only supports incoming calls from PSTN/ISDN/PRI, and that doesn't support application enabled on ephone-dn configuration.

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