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CME: Pickup a parked call from a service

Is there any way to get an IP Phone on a CME system to execute a built-in "Pickup" softkey function from the services plane? What this softkey actually does is cause the CME to initiate a transfer from the park slot to the first non-busy ephone-dn on the ephone (the "Park" softkey does the same thing, only in reverse).

I want to write a service that allows users to view a menu listing the park slots on the CME and the caller ID information for any calls parked on them, and then further allow them to pickup a parked call by highlighting it and hitting a "Pickup" softkey. The first part is a hack, but pretty easy--I just have to use the IOS HTTP server to execute the CLI command "show ephone-dn park" and parse the output into a CiscoIPPhoneMenu XML Object--but the second part appears to be impossible. There's still no "Softkey:Pickup" URI, even in the latest CiscoIPPhone XML Object interface, so that's out, and CME doesn't have a JTAPI interface, so I can't even trigger the required transfer from the web server using a JSP servlet.

Anyone have any other ideas, or am I SOL, as I suspect I am?

paolo bevilacqua
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may be, if a service was to handle the parked called itself, basically emulating park slots, that would be possible. But it would have to be split in two parts, one tcl/ivr to handle the calls itself, and one external-server based to handle the menu choices to the phones.

You should be able to use http as communication mechanism between the two.

Perhaps fantasizing, but it looks doable to me.

Yeah, that's a little over the top for this particular application. I really don't want to reinvent the park-slot wheel, I just want to get the phone to execute the built-in PickUp command.

Since I've stumped everyone here, does anyone know who to talk to at Cisco about something like this?

In case anyone else needs to do this, I got a very helpful suggestion from someone at Cisco: you can use "feature access codes" to perform certain softkey functions (including Pickup) by dialing special codes instead of using the softkeys. FACs were originally designed for use by analog extensions on a CME system (because they don't have softkeys), but since CME 4.0, you can enable their use on IP phones as well with the telephony-service "fac" command. The standard FAC for Pickup is "**5", so dialing "**501" will cause a phone to pickup a call parked in park slot 01.

Documentation describing FACs, their configuration, and use is in the CME admin guide, here:


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