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Configure Rss in DMS


Can someone guide me hpw to configure RSS in DMS ??


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Do you know how?  I would like to know too.

The DMD has a RSS display capability. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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I have ysed Yahoo Pipes to create rss feeds to my DMP's.

Once you create the feeds, it will give you a url that you can then put in to the http: field in the RSS object in the designer.

Warning:  horizontal scrolling on 4400's is terrible.  the 4310's are acceptable but still not the speed you would see on the Cable News feeds.

Our company has an internal server for RSS feed.  An url is created, and I can view it on IE.  But nothing shows when I put that url in the RSS Text object in DMD.  When I try to preview, it says "Click here to understand missing RSS data." 

When I click on the link ->

Here is one of my RSS feeds.  Notice the end of the string

the &_render=rss was the secret sause that worked for me.

You might have to set a cross domain policy to display RSS feeds through your DMP, as these are actually flash modules. The way to do that is to put an xml file called crossdomain.xml in the http root of the server where you keep your RSS feed file.

Here is what should be contained in crossdomain.xml:">

In the case of the above, we allow all domains access so, we set the wildcard in

You may want to edit this to allow only the domain that server your signage content.

Good luck.


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