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CUCM 6.1 - Adding an additonal directory?

We would like to add and additional directory to our Cisco phones.

I have downloaded the SDK and we are looking at the details but some things are still a little unclear.

From what I understand an additional directory will have to sit on an external server and we can use AD as the data source.

How do I make the additional directory, the query fields, and the returned data display on the Cisco phones?

Would this be done via XML scripts that sit on the external server?

In CUCM Administration-->System-->Enterprise Parameters-->Phone URL Parameters-->URL Directories I can see that CUCM points to "http://ip address:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp"

If I change the URL Directories field then it looks like CUCM can be pointed to my external server ...but then I am guessing that CUCM will not be able to see the built in Corp Directory, etc, anymore?

So there would have to be scripting to make the Corp Directory, etc, work as well?

Also will changing the URL Directories field cause anything to happenn with the Missed Call, Recieved Calls, and Placed Calls directories?

I also see how DirSync can be enabled on CUCM so it will get AD data, store it locally, and query against it.

If DirSync is enabled and I point the URL Directories field to my external server does CUCM stop querying the AD data locally?


Even if you change the directory URL to another URL, the built in directories (Misses calls, Palced calls, etc.), still show up on the phone.

Yes, you can set up an additional server (i.e Tomcat) and use AD as data source.

Thank you for the reply.

So your response is consistent with what I had believed...that the built in directories Missed Calls, Placed Calls, etc, would not be affected by changing the URL DIRECTORIES...but I wanted to double check.

What about the Corporate Directory?

Is this affected when I change URL DIRECTORIES?

I am working on the very same thing today with CUCM 6.0.

I have been able to get the CUCM server to query AD using the LocalizedDirectory.asp URL. Works well.

However, I have found that when I change the Directory URL on a phone, I lose the Corporate Directory and Personal Address book options for the particular phone.

I have been able to keep the corporate directory and personal address book by creating a phone service with the LocalizedDirectory URL.

My question is this...Can I replace the Corporate directory with the LocalizedDirectory URL but keep the Personal Address book?

I am setting up a managed / hosted environment and do not want users to see the CUCM corporate directory.

We just tested this today and got it working.

We changed the URL Directories in CUCM to point to our external server XML.

That external XML will display a new item called Mobile Directory on the Cisco phones so we can now search for and auto dial cell phone numbers.

Also in the external XML you just need to point back to the default URL Directories "http://ipaddress:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectory.jsp" and the Cisco phones will use the local CUCM Corp Directory the same as before.

(I believe this is indicated in the SDK examples/notes so I should have realized this early on)

We decided not to enable DirSync on our CUCM at this time but if you enable DirSync then the result should be the same...the external XML will point back to CUCM and CUCM will search the AD data stored locally for Corp Directory.

Do you know if there is a way to get the personal address book and the external server xml without the Corporate directory.

We will be hosting several customers on the same cluster and do not want them to be able to view the CUCM corporate directory. We do want each user to have the personal address book and fastdials.

If you just change the default directory URL to point to an external URL which serves XML, it will remove the corp directory but keep the personal directories (misses calls, placed calls, etc.)

In your external app, you can even give user access to only their corporate directories based on a criteria -- i.e if IP or extension starts with a certain pattern, display this directory, otherwise display that one. (just a small custom app to accomplish this).

Right. This is how it is working for me now. The problem is that I lost the Personal Address book. Missed Calls, Placed calls and Received calls are all still active.

I am looking into ways to customize the external app to include the Personal address book url (http:///ccmpd/)

you should be able to just add the link to the personal address book in your external directory

you can find the url by going to the old directory url with a webbrowser

The URL for the personal directory is http://x.x.x.x/ccmpd where x.x.x.x is the CUCM ip address.

Basically, I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I would like to be able to Search entries in Active Directory with the Localized Directory script from the IP Phone SDK AND have access to the personal address book.

If I add the link to the personal directory in the External Directory field, I can't use the LocalizedDirectory script for my Corporate Directory and vice versa....

Unless I am completely missing something here, I can't have both without editing the Localized Directory script to add the Personal Address Book options.

The URL I enter in the External Directory field within the phone configuration takes over the default Corporate Directory / Personal Directory options in the Directories menu on the phone. If enter the Personal Directory URL, I only get the Personal Directory option along with Missed Calls, Recieved Calls and Placed Calls when I press the Directories button.


The url to your external directory will point to a menu, right?

In that page, you need to add another menuitem to link the personal address book so that the complete output will look like;

Select a directory

Personal Directory

Corporate Directory

I haven't looked at the sdk localizeddirectory, you might have to tweak it, and it is probably asp..??


This is exactly what I was looking for!

I created an xml file for customer1 in C:\CiscoIPServices\ASP\LocalizedDirectory\.

Here is my topology.


Microsoft AD:

I have two files for customer1:



I enter the following URL in the external directory on the customer's phone:

Here are the contents of my XML file:

Select a directory

Personal Directory

Corporate Directory

Big thanks to s.monteiro!!

Now, I have not tested this, but I imagine you could create several connections to different LDAP databases with the LocalizedDirectory Script and edit the xml file to query several directories by adding menu items to the above xml configuration.


Select a directory

Personal Directory

Directory 1

Directory 2

Corporate Directory


i have to say it is really great to have a cell phone directory available in the Cisco phones.

Would you be willing to post you're directory1.asp file?


Here is my directory1.asp file.

If you have problems with the ldap syntax (like I do). I recommend using the adsiedit.msc tool from Microsoft.

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