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CUCM Queueing and Reporting Without UCCX

Hey All,


So, first some background.  Years ago we used UCCX along with CUCM for our call center queues.  But our customer service department wanted to move to Noble for queuing instead of UCCX, so we got rid of UCCX and they've been using Noble ever since.


But, there are some departments outside of customer service that are looking for a queuing solution that isn't Noble.  Long story short, it's because Noble works differently, agents log in to it, then they receive an audio stream on their phone and customer calls drop in to that audio stream.  So, agents have to leave their headsets on all day and just take the calls as they drop in to the audio stream, no phone ringing, they are on one continuous call with the audio stream all day and the calls drop in.  So agents' days consist of one 8 hour long call basically as far as CUCM is concerned.


I've been able to satisfy some of the outside departments by using Hunts, but of course CUCM doesn't have any kind of reporting like call lengths times, hold times, availability etc .  That was all done by UCCX back before Noble.  But now I have another group outside of customer service that is currently using a Hunt that only has 6 people in it and their manager is looking to get them set up in a queue so they can get reporting like call counts, hold time, call lengths etc.  I don't think our company will take on the expense of getting UCCX back for 6 people especially now that Noble is the norm around here.


So, I'm basically just asking here if anyone knows of any other low/no-cost solutions I could use to satisfy the needs of this group, one small queue that can offer some stats reporting.



Maren Mahoney

Cisco Prime Collaboration Analytics does some of this kind of reporting. Unfortunately, the End-of-Sale date for the product is <...looks at watch...> today, October 14, 2021.

I don't know of any other Cisco (preferably free) reporting tool that does this.


Steve Landon

i dont have specific experience with Noble but i have experience with many other solutions. Every one of them has an option to either leave the call to the agent "nailed" up, like you describe, or to have the system call the agent phone for every call.


Are you sure that is not an option within your environment?

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