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Custom / New Softkey for Instant Conference Call

Hello all, I have just started working with VOIP in the last few months at a new position, and the manager her wants to have a custom button on the phone when in a call that will automatically conference in the security desk. This would be in the event of a malicious call such as a bomb threat and so forth. I have downloaded the SDK and read through most of the documentation and I have seen references to things such as

Dial:2000 (where 2000 represents the number to be dialed)

in the Custom SoftKey section of the IP Phone Services Application Development Notes.

I appreciate any help provided.

PS the Phone that I am using is a 7970.

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Re: Custom / New Softkey for Instant Conference Call

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only define your own softkeys in your own XML app, but you can't have softkeys in regular call states that trigger an action you define.. you can just have softkeys with predefined functionality (see softkey template configuration on the call manager).

Please let Cisco know that you're interested in this feature - I've done so myself and they're known to adapt if the market demands it.


Re: Custom / New Softkey for Instant Conference Call

7970 has 8 speed dial buttons and you could assign an IP phone service to one of the speed dials. PhoneTop Messenger allows you to send a pre-typed text message to a pre-configured IP phone group. For example, you can send a text message (with an optional ringer) to all security phones when user presses one of the speed dials (which is assigned to this IP phone service). It is really a one-step process. You could also initiate an audio page as well, which is effectively the same as a conference call. In fact, it may be better than a conf. call as recipients do not need to pick up/answer the phone to hear the audio and it tells them who is initiating the page.

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