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Decoders for Terrestrial TV


I need a Cisco Decoder that can convert Terrestrial TV to IP, does Cisco have any product that can support this, I heard that AS5100 can support this function, but I can't find any info in the datasheet.

Also I can find the D9887 supports DVB-T , does it mean it supports Terrestrial TV?

Thanks in advance for your support.



Decoders for Terrestrial TV

I have found a low cost off air receiver HD Home Run Tech.

The base unit is 2 receivers for about $300.00

Down side it dosn't let you chance the stream size of the decoded HD signal it can be quite large.

It is a little hard to setup with script file.


Decoders for Terrestrial TV

HEllo moamen,

I cant tell you about the cisco products but i can tell you about other vendor's product which i have experience with.

The company is called exterity (uk based) and they deal with a broad range of encoders. They also have and sell a dvb-t encoder ( we have this in our setup) and  i can quarantee that this piece of equipment is very stable and easy as 1-2-3 to be set up.

The dvb-t encoder tunes to the desired freq and streams out (multi or unic) the individual channel streams.

i m not quite sure about the price but i suppose it's not so expensive!


Decoders for Terrestrial TV

You can use an AS7100 for this.  It takes the feed from a cable box and streams out the TV signal over either multicast or unicast or both at the same time.  This can be used to either send a signal to digital signs and/or Show and Share.  You need one AS7100 for each cable box/channel you want to display simultaneously.  Depending on your cable box output you might need an AJA HD10AVA to convert the cable box output to SDI input.



Decoders for Terrestrial TV

Dear friend

There are two encoders for converts TV to SD or HD. For SD you have to use As5510  and for HD you will use AS7710

kindly find the below datasheet

Thank you

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