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Disappearing Accounts

I had this happen a few times, but this one has me stuck. CCM 3.1.3 (d) and Unity 3.1.4 with unified Exchange 2000.

I have a user who can no longer access voicemail, I go to look up their subscriber info and no records found (I searched by first name, last name and extension). I then go to re-import that user and no records found.

So I can not delete the user to re-import, and I can not import the user since Unity seems to think they are still there.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

You can clean the standing AD account using the Remove Subscriber Properties tool on AnswerMonkey here:

that should let you import them again.

why they are being dropped from the local SQL database as a subscriber is another question entirely - my best guess would be a property in the directory is getting wax somehow or another and the directory monitor is removing them from the local tables automatically... but that's just a guess at this point.

Thank you, that worked. I will let you know if this happens again.


I am having the same problem where an account that was a Unity subscriber is no longer showing up, and when I try to reimport them it couldn't find them in active directory. I tried using the Remove Subscriber Properties tool and the icon is still showing up as a bunny and I am still unable to get that user back. Are there any other tools or things I can do get this user reimported. Thanks a lot

Make sure you get the latest version of RemoveSubscriberProperties off there were some bug fixes along the way that may be biting you. It may also be a replication issue (particularly if you're in a situation with child domains or the like) and you just have to wait.

You can check with ADSI Edit to view the properties directly on that object- the one's you're interested in are the ciscoECSBULocationObjectID (which should be blank to be able to import them) and the ciscoESCBUObjectType which should also be empty.

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