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DMM & VP Upgrade - 5.02-5.1-5.2


Trying to upgrade DMM and Video Portal,

Both were 5.02. DMM upgrade from 5.02 to 5.1 went well just run DVD and upgraded. Trying to now upgrade VP and will ask if I want to upgrade from 5.02 to 5.2, I answer yes. according to the guide it will boot 2 times, only boots once and the presents the login prompt. once I log in at the AAI I can show info and still 5.02, if I run the software upgrade again from the AAI, I am asked if I want to overwrite the preinstall files for 5.1

It appears that it is copying the file to do the install but then not booting them or loading them to do the upgrade.


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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Supported Upgrade Migration Paths
If your devices use any earlier Cisco DMS release than 5.1, you must upgrade to 5.1 before you can 
upgrade to 5.2. We support only these migration paths:
-  5.0.0 > 5.0.2 > 5.1 > 5.2
-  5.0.2 > 5.1 > 5.2
-  5.1 > 5.2

NOTE:  Please refer to the following Documents for information relating to the 5.2.x Release and
       for the requirements for Upgrades.

Release Notes for Cisco Digital Media Suite 5.2.x

Upgrade Guide for Cisco Digital Media Suite Release 5.2.x

In Summary, the supported Hardware platforms has changed with DMS 5.2.x and later.  The Supported
hardware for 5.2.x is MCS-7835H3-DMS= (for DMM) & WAVE-574-DMS= (for Show and Share).  Remember as 
noted above, the "only" supported way to install 5.2.x on MCS 7825-H2 & 7825-H3 (Video Portal) 
and MCS 7835-H1 & 7835-H2 (DMM) is to "UPGRADE" to 5.2.x.


Had this same thing happen to me. Check to see and make sure your boot

order had your DVD drive is before your hard drives. If it is not it will just do the

pre load  and then boot right back to your original setup with out upgrading.

Good Luck.

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