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DMP 4305G continous led light

We got DMP 4305 which stopped working and when we checked the port on the switch, it doesn't even have traffic on the port. So we moved it to another switch then we were able to access it but it cause a loop into our nework. Whenever we plug the device, the LEDs (red) is continuously blinking at the right corner. It got a static IP address by the way.

Can someone help/advise us as we doesn't have any support for this anymore.


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Re: DMP 4305G continous led light

So pull it off the production IP network.

Reboot it. If it has a static address you can see this displayed on its connected LCD.

Use a 5-port mini switch or crossover cable and a laptop with a static ip address on the same net as your DMP.

Use a browser or ftp client to manage the DMP, troubleshoot or whatever you might have to do to resolve your issue.

This might help some too.

DMP Setup and Configuration

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Re: DMP 4305G continous led light

Thanks for the reply Keithcroft

Unfortunately, both the green and red led are flashing continuously. Did reset it by holding the reset button at the back but still the same. plugged it on a switch with DHCP function but nothing has changed. We have used this before but after relocation of out office, when we put it back at the network it won't show any light on the switch port either.

Any more idea?



Re: DMP 4305G continous led light

Replace the power adapter. We have seen this with our 4305G's in the field, after 4 years+ of no issues in both indoor and outdoor enviroments some of the adapters have started failing. Sometimes we have been able to clean them, but usually it is just a replacement. Cisco doesn't have the power adapters anymore but you can get them OEM from other vendors for about $70.

I know this seems like an odd solution, but we have found that the adapter just isn't putting out the required power anymore. Do not try and use an adapter from a 4310, they will fry the 4305.

Hope that helps.


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