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DMP 4305G FTP upload

Hello -

I have a DMP-4305G that I am trying to upload a .swf file to via FTP.  I am able to FTP files to the root directory, but but the files put here get deleted on reboot.  I need the file to be in the usb_1 directory so it is kept after a reboot.  I am able to do this on 4 other DMP's of the same hardware and software versions with no problem.  I have the FTP server turned on and the internal storage is set to "Read and Write".  When I try to upload a file to the usb_1 directory, I get "552 Could not create file."  Does anyone have an idea what would be causing this?

Thank you.

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Re: DMP 4305G FTP upload


What DMS version are you running of DMP?

Also, please run this MIB and paste results into a text

file and upload it here.



admin    = DMP Web Account Username

default  = DMP Web Account Password

a.b.c.d  = IP Address of DMP

Status MIB



After posting the output of the status mib,

Goto DMP-DM Web Gui interface and please perform the following:

* Under Administration section, select "Restore Default Settings" and press Restore

   The DMP should reboot.

* After Reboot, HTTP back to the DMP-DM and reconfigure all the necessary parameters.

  Make sure you enable and configure passwords for FTP.  Other parameters: enable caching,

  change permissions to flash\cache to read write. etc...

* Apply all changes and then make sure you SAVE configuration.

  Reboot to make sure any changes are operational.

* Test FTP tasks and reboot and see of the issue comes back.

Just let us know!




Re: DMP 4305G FTP upload

Thanks for the respones Tomas.  I think I have a bad unit.  I came in this morning and was going to try this, but I can't web or FTP to the DMP at all now.  I tried resetting with the button on the back also, but it just has the red and green lights on now and doesn't even give a splash screen when booting up.  Looks like it's time for a call to TAC.

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