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DMP-4305G questions

Hello everybody,

I have a few problems that i could not solve myself, to be more precise, i have questions about the following:

- When i put the ticker on (as flash 6 or 7), it goes slowly frame by frame, it's not going smooth like it should. Also i have the same problem with the default flash animations from the Designer. Is there something to configure, or something i'm doing wrong?

- How do i use the internal memory, i've done something but i still don't know how to access the internal storage (internal storage> i select read&write), than i go to the browser section and i select Cache (only when Internal Storage Access Mode is "Read and Write> enable.

-Also, when i change the Adobe Flash Plug-in Player (in the browser section) to version 6, the player blocks and i can't play any content when i do that.

Thanks a lot!

Cisco Employee


* What DMP version of firmware are you running?

* Please provide the output of the Advanced Task->Status mib in a

  text file and upload here.

* Also please provide the screen captures of the following DMP screens from

  DMP-DM (web gui on DMP):

  -> Browser

  -> Video Configuration

  -> Internal Storage

* Just a note the Ticker is slow by nature.  From what you described, it appears

  the it stutters on occasion as it moves across the screen.   What other elements

  do you have in your presentation?   Create a new DMD presentation with just the

  ticker and test to see if symptoms persist.

* Also, you may want to restore the DMP to factory default and reconfigure and

  test again.




Hello Tomas,

I'm running firmware 5.2

Here are the screen shots from the browser, internal storage and the video configuration. Let me put it this way, the ticker always goes slow frame by frame and it freezes from time to time, but when i put a text, let's say 10 lines text to scroll or fade, it's going very very slow and freezes when the text on the right changes(fades or scrolls)! First i tought that the flash ticker is a bit big for the dmp to play it, but than again, the video goes smooth!

As for the elements on the presentation, i have a picture that i'm using like a background, a flash ticker in the bottom, a video on the left and fadeing text on the right. Also i tryed just the ticker, it won't go any smoother in any case.


Vidan Lazarev

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