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DMP 4310 v5.4: HTML site not responsive to touch


I am using a 4310 DMP with an ECO display. So far, I have succesfully verified touch interaction works with a flash application on the DMP. Therefore, I can rule out faulty hardware or misconfiguration as the problem. The problem occurs when going to a URL such as htttp:// on the DMP. When the DMP is pointed to an html site I am unable to interact with it. At the moment, the browser renders the html sites fine, but I am unable to interact with it via the touchscreen. Any thoughts on how to get the html site to respond through the DMP and touchscreen?

I have tried three ways of pointing the DMP to an html site to verify touch works with it.

1.(Go To) URL - Tasks with a URL entry to startup: file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/simpleLink.html

3.Media Playlist with a URL entry to http:///

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My understanding of the 4310g ver 5.4 is that the web browser is embedded in a flash pane. Consequently, there is limited functionality on any web page with the exception of three HTML 5 tags, these being audio, video, and canvas.

As such, it would make sense that any external website that you request via the 4310 would not have basic interactive capabilities that you'd get with a regular computer. I'd suggest trying to set up a basic HTML page using the canvas tag to see if you can achieve touch interactivity.

Flash is handled differently by the DMP, so I'm not suprised to hear that flash works without a problem.

Just my thoughts.

Good luck.


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