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Simon Arnison

DMP is paralyzed

Part 1

Have a DMP 4400 and a DMP 4310 in my network. Can manage both from our DMM Server from a CO - LO site. The DMPs are both in the internal netwoek and NATed... I can send a request to the DMP to reboot or change a settting like the startup URL or media just fine, but whatever I send to the DMP seems to never be able to display on the player. I set the startup URL to and rebooted but the 4400 just reboots to a blank screen  - i see the IP address OK in the CISCO message but after that it goes into a Coma !!!!... I tried other URLs but absolutely nothing will play. I have content copied on to the flash of both DMPs and that will play back just fine (SWF files mainly)  alll the DNS and gateway settings on the DMP are all correct, the IP address is correct - but alas its a Digital Media Player that only plays local contant ????

Any suggestions would be great

Part 2

I have created a few signage samples using the Digital Signage Designer tool in DMM, send the presentation link to the players as well and as above absolutely nothing plays. I have fiddled with all the DMP resolution settings - 1080p down to 1024 768 etc,  even created a presentation in 800 x 600 res - but nothing will play.... One strange thing, I am on a MAC and if I click on the link to the presentation in my Safari browser that is sent to the DMP,  I also see absolutely nothing in the browser, ??? there seems to be no content at all or a busted URL or some DMM setting I have overlooked



Part 1 : Does not seem to be a DMP related issue but your network. Something along the way is getting blocked. Simple way to check, Log into the DMP using the SSH.Enable TAC access and set the password for TAC access. Once that is done, do a SSH to the DMP and use the username "root". Execute "cd /tmp" and then make a request to your URL as follows "wget" it would fail if your proxy or firewall is blocking that HTTP request. Check your DMP network and Proxy setting (if a porxy is used).

Part 2: Try with Firefox. You should be able to see a "Preview" of your presentation if your VLC Player on MAC has Firefox plugin installed (Assuming you are trying to preview a multimedia file) . Try using a simple JPG in the presentation for testing, Click the preview button, you should see the media asset. Make sure the DMM and DMPs are running the same code versions and the DMPs are indeed shown online.


Sagar Dhanrale

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