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DMP Mass deployments


I wanted to share my experience with others regarding mass deployment of DMP's via the DMM.  Unfortunately I found that the documentation regarding some aspects of this process are not correctly documented (step 3).

*Note: I use DHCP so DMP's can be pulled out of the box and put onto the network with no configuration required.

1) Select DMP discovery under Advanced Tasks and add new application

2) Provide name and range of ip's you want to discover

3) Run DMP discovery from DMP manager <dmp will reboot>.  Once DMP's are discovered the CDM ip for centralized management and the web account password are automatically configured.

4) For the next step I created a customized task under Advanced Tasks > System Tasks > Add Application that will fully configure all of the remaining options that I need for my deployment. <dmp will reboot>


Translates into:

Screen Resolution Autodetection Off

Screen Width & Height = 1366x768

Enable FTP services

Set TAC support password

Set FTP service password

Internal Storage Access / Read/Write

Enable NTP

Set NTP Timezone

Set NTP server IP

RS-232: Control supported, non-DMTech displays

Turn On DMP Display Status Polling Service for Cisco LCD 40" and 52"



5) If required upgrade using DMP firmware upgrade task

6) Test LCD controls, sometimes LCD status does not report back properly but after time does correct itself.

For other DMS admins that are looking to create or modify the strings used in the customized task described above there is a great firefox addon that a TAC engineer showed me called "Live Http Headers".  If you use this tool while making modifications to the DMP through the web GUI you can see all of the init strings and variables used.

If there are any questions feel free to reply.



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