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DMP - Play Video File Stored Locally

I can not get a video file to save or play locally. I have the file stored on the device under usb_1. What is the syntax and path that should be used? Whenever I put the path in the setting does not get saved in the field. I've tried multiple ways and still can't get it to work...thanks.

Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee

* Add the Media content item to the Media Library on the Digital Media Manager(DMM)-Digital Signage Module(DSM)

* Create a Playlist or Presentation with this Media Content item

* Go to the DMM-DSM, Under the ADVANCED TASKS Tab select the Application Type "File Transfer to DMP or server"

* Select "Add New Application"

- Select the appropriate Presentation or Playlist

- Press the "Select Application" Button

- Press the "Submit" Button

* Once the "File Transfer to DMP or server" is added, you can run this Task to copy the content locally to the DMP.

- Go to the DMM-DSM DMP Manager and select the desired DMP

- Under the Actions Drop Down, Select the "File Transfer to DMP or server" Task you created and Click GO.

- The Files will copy the presentation or playlist information to the selected(s) DMPs.

* The DMM-DSM will GENERATE a "(Go to) URL entry" in the Advanced Tasks.

In order to see the NAME & URL PATH of the "File Transfer..." Task, Go to the DMM-DSM, Under the ADVANCED TASKS Tab select the Application Type "(Go to) URL entry" and it will list the NAME "LOCAL--" playlist\presentation name.

- Select "Edit Application"

- Record the LOCAL URL PATH

ie. file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/deployment/xTAS-core/api/xml/app/playlist/http_pull_86_start_playlist_85_.htm

* You can RUN this Task LOCALLY using the DMP-Device Manager(DM) or Under the Actions Drop Down on the DMM-DSM DMP Manager.

Thanks for the replies. I'm not using DMM-DSM to manage the device. I'm only using the internal DMP GUI on the device. I've read the instruction guides multiple times but can't get a local file that I've ftp'd up to save in the GUI. The only option under Play Video File Stored Locally is Start/Stop. Is this an issue? Has anybody tried this?

The DMP-DM will not store what is playing in the those fields after a reboot.

You can use a javascript\html file to accomplish what you are trying to do. This method is NOT officially supported and the Cisco TAC will not support issues with the DMP in relation to the javascript or custom htmls.

I have added a sample htm file that you can modify to get you local Video

Files playing.

As Tomas is saying, if you use the DMPDM in order to play a video, with the "Play Video File Stored Locally" command, the video will play only once.

You can actually save this beahviour if you set the following syntax to the "Startup URLs-Video" in the "basic" page of the DMPDM, and click on apply and save. This way this video will play even every time you reboot. But, it will play only once.

The script that Tomas provided can help you to loop video file or files. This script can be uploaded to the usb_1 the same way you uploaded your video, you can even create a internal folder structure for it, and then point the browser to this .html. If you want this new playlist to play everytime the DMP starts, then you can write the syntax file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/YOUR-FOLDER-STRUCTURE/loca-mpg-file.html as your starting URL in "Startup URLs-Browser", apply and save to be sure that even a reboot won't erase this.


When I try to download your script file local-mpg-file.html I don't see anything in it.

Could I get a copy of it from you?

I used ftp and put an mpg into:


and put that into the startup video and it does play.

I just don't know how to make it loop.

I don't have any Cisco software, or DMM or anything. I just have a few DMP 4300's and would like to put some mpg's on them and have them loop.

Any help would be appreciated.



I got it. I used "view source" on your script file, saw the code.

I used it, it works great! Thanks!


I'm using your script to play multiple mpg files from local storage and loop through.  This works great, but I'm having a problem with the videos getting cut off before they complete.  I've commented out all but one file and it repeatedly gets cut off short and then plays again from the beginning.  Any ideas?




* What version of FW are your running on the DMP?

* What DMP model?




Thanks for your response.  I was able to get it to work after tweaking the script enough.  I'm no programmer, so it took me a while!



Hi guys.  I've been playing with this file for a while and I'm trying to accomplish two things.  I'm only needing it to play one file, which is working, but it repeats.  I need to have it only play once, then have it redirect back to my main page stored on the DMP itself (file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/main.mpg).  Any ideas on what I can change to get this working?


Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee


Yes the message thread here works great to get the files stored locally, the problem I have is that it does not do an incremental update to the files stored locally on the DMP. The documentation say that the DMM inherantly does this, but not using the File Transfer to DMP, it doesn't even do this via the Deployment method. Does anyone know how to send just the files that are needed w/o erasing the old files other than via sftp or ftp directly to the DMP?


You would use the same concept using a deployment package. Use the DMS-CD to schedule deployment of Playlist or content to DMP. Once the Content is stored on the DMP, set the startup URL to the Locally Stored content. Use the DMS-CD and schedule updates of the same content playlist and on the changes should be updated... This will only change the files that have changed or are new that pertain to the playlist that is stored locally.

Can someone help with the values on this .html file.  I'm just trying to loop 1 .mpg file.  I placed the

file path in the var playlist = new Array location but all I get is a white screen on the display.  What am I doing wrong here?  Thanks for any help

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