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Do extensions need to be in Unity to get a transfer?

Do extensions need to be imported into Unity Connection to have a call transferred to them?


If we have users in Call Manager that are 'local' users because there is really no 'person' assigned to that phone, so Meeting Room, if we want to transfer a call to that phone from outside - the extension of Meeting Room needs to be in Unity connection, correct?



I appreciate anyone's time

Thank you

Slavik Bialik
Rising star

According to my knowledge, no. You don't have to import them to Unity and waste licenses... Because you just want to forward a call to them, not to their voice mails.
You can create a System Call Handler, and in it's Standard greeting configurations, check the option "Allow Transfers to Numbers Not Associated with Users or Call Handlers".


Just be careful from toll frauds. I would recommend you to configure an internal inbound CSS for the SIP trunk towards the Unity. That way, if someone will call to this system call handler, he won't be able to dial full DID and call outside of your PBX.

Thank you
We do not have this checked
"Allow Transfers to Numbers Not Associated with Users or Call Handle"
The extension would not allow us dial into that number from the auto attendant - but once I Put it in Unity it took the transfer.
I will investigate further -surly there are more

Thank you kindly

So, is it working or not? Not sure from your answer. :)

That is how I got it to work for this particular case.... it was a high need

I imported them into Unity and set the transfer rule to extension


Take under consideration that you're wasting licenses as you imported those users as a users with voice mail box.

I have CUWL licenses- I thought VM is included with that

Ah, if you have CUWL licenses so you're OK.
Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi there,


Just wanted to add another note to the great tips from Slavik (+5).


To accomplish what you are trying to do without actually adding the meeting room extensions in CUC you will likely need to adjust the Default System Transfer Restriction Table. If you are trying to be able to "free dial" extensions that begin with 5 you will need to add 5* > Allow if they begin with 7 add 7* > Allow. Once you've added 7 and saved these to the restriction table you can move them down the list via "Change order".


Another way i believe would be to set up the meeting room extensions as "Contacts" to save the use of licenses.







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