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Edge 340 Digital Media Player, what are the Default root password is it?

Han Sung Kang

When you try to register the appspace to Edge 340, root password is not confirmed.

what are the Default root password is it?

Device SSH Passsword root password is correct on the Edge 340?

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aDMIN123# is the default PW for the edge 340s


I have a problem with Edge 340 the screen will hung up after restart it will came up. But now after the restart it did not come up. It showing a screen to enter the username and password I tried with all username and password It did not accept . At the end I did the factory rests then It is working without asking the username and password.  I have a question why it asked me to enter the username and password. If someone change the username or password can I do the reset for the username and password. If it is possible please I need you to guide me. Is is possible to access Edge 340 by using the web IP address of the device!!!


you must use :

user:user or User



I also use edge 340 players. I always have this screen when I turn on the new player (before registration to AppSpace). When you registered player to appspace this screen disapear.
You must delete player from AppSpace and register once again. I don't know why sometimes players stop working and show user/password screen.Players sometimes lose network configuration additional to screen problem.

Yes, it is possible to access to player by web Https://player_ip_addres or by ssh.
Web access admin/aDMIN123# and ssh acces root/aDMIN123#


upgrade to the last DMP edge 340 software version

it will help


I've run into this issue repeatedly with Edge 340 systems that are running in interactive mode in appspace without having the latest code installed from Cisco. For some reason, when the player is running 1.0 it has a tendancy to loose its brain and login. As stated before by previous users, the best way to resolve this is to reset the the player to factory default by holding down the power button when the player is booting until it turns green. Once the player resets itself to the default .bin file, upgrade to the version of Cisco Edge 340 software that is appropriate for your installation. I would caution you all to not upgrade to the newest version of Cisco's software if you are planning on running 1080p high FPS television on your players. You will see the player not be able to handle the streams. Some patches in 1.2 have to be installed in a specific order and omitting some of the patches for it to function properly. 

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