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Emergency Responder 911 Route Pattern Error

David Harrell

Hello all,


I am attempting to implement CER 11 into an existing CUCM 11 configuration. Everything has gone fine until attempting to change our route pattern for 911. We are using 911, 912, and 913XXXXXXXXXX as our DNs for the route points in CUCM, in their own E911 partition. The existing CUCM environment has 911 configured as a DN in each partition that we currently have a PRI.


For the current 911 route pattern, the partition is listed as "Global_911". When I attampt to change that to the E911 partition, I get the following error:

"Update failed. Cannot insert or update pattern. A DN exists with the same pattern and partition."


Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?



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Venkatesh Perumal
Rising star
Rising star

Check for unassinged DN in the route_plan report on the same partition. i.e. 'E911 partition'.








I receive "0 records found" when running the report. 


I ended up coming back into the office tonight to troubleshoot some more. One thing I discovered was that there is a difference in the Dialed Number Analyzer results for different sites. At a site that can dial out to 911, I see a route pattern for 911 in the call flow. At the site I am located at, which cannot dial out to 911, I see the 911 DN in the E911 Partition listed. 


I feel like I am missing a translation pattern here, but I cannot dsetermine what it needs to be. I can see in the integration guide that translation patterns and route patterns are listed, such as;


Translation Patterns

  • 911 and 9.911 translation pattern in the Phones_PT (so the phones can call them) with the 911_CSS (so it can reach the 911 CTI RP)
  • Translation patterns for the PSAP Callback in the 911_PT (so the gateway can call them) with the 911_CSS (so it can reach the 913 CTI RP)

but what am I translation 911 to? The guide has a screeshot, but it crops the picture so that it does not show the called party transformation.

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