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Kelin Webb

Emergency Responder - Invalid Request

Since upgrading to CER we are attempting to make some edits/updates to the LAN Switches in the system but when we go to edit/view them we get this error. However, I can add new LAN Switches and then view/edit them afterward.


2019-04-24 15_08_57-Cisco Emergency Responder Administration.png

I've bounced the system but the issue remained. I'm attempting to troubleshoot an issue right now where an ELIN was not properly assigned to a 911 call from an extension and this may be why.

I've opened a TAC Case but am curious if anyone else came across this issue when upgrading to 12.5.x

Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate

Is the switch on the Supported Switches for CER 12.5 list?

CER Version 12.5(1) Release Notes - Supported Voice Ready Lan Switches

I'll be honest; hadn't looked because I could add them directly via IP without issue. 

I did need to update this; so working further with TAC the last night I've been able to determine that underscores seem to be my issue. TAC is verifying/checking in the meantime and I'm waiting to hear back.

So basically we have A Records to all our switches using SW_<Name> hostnames for our switches and were entered into CER via those Hostnames. If I add a new one via IP or edit an A Record to SW<name> (drop the underscore) it'll work. I can edit/view/add as long as there isn't an underscore. 

Meaning... I'll have to either change all my A Records and make new entries or start adding them in via IP to CER which would just be a pain to manage since it's much easier to identify a switch by hostname, haha. 


The good news here is that everything still seems to be working. However, I just can't add/change anything with an underscore. This started after going from 12.0.x to 12.5.x

This underscore business is very interesting and I'm glad I have that factoid in my head. In fact, I will be including this in the next version of my class on CER so thank you!

I'm glad you (and TAC) figured it out. And hopefully TAC can help you edit the switches you have installed so you don't have to reacquire/reconfigure the ones you already have.


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