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Extension Mobility Question CM 6.1


I have a customer that wants to allow remote workers to log in to any phone in the company, even if that phone is "assigned" to another user. I didnt think this would have been an issue however reading the Features and Services guide i stubled upon the following Caution.

"The Cisco Extension Mobility feature does not operate properly if you allow users to access the assigned phone of another user."


"If a particular user controls a device, for example, the user office phone, do not allow anyone else to log in to that device."

I understand what they are trying to say however i am curious as to what does not operate properly.

Has anyone seen or heard of issues that arise when users with a Device Profile log in to a phone that is associated with another user?

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That verbiage is kind of confusing. I would imagine that it is talking about devices that are currently logged in as another user or devices that are not subscribed to extension mobility (i.e. devices that have the DN configured on the phone itself, not the logged-in device profile).

Here is what I do:

On a phone that is subscribed to extension mobility, I simply log off the current user (if they are not actually using the phone, that is), then log on the remote user. We haven't had any problems with this setup. I am running Callmanager 6.01 Business Edition.

they refer to not let the users customize the phones via the CCMUser page. i really don't know the cause of that but it's also explained in one of the CCVP exams. The assumption is that when using EM the phones should not be associated to any user so the phone does not show up when they log into CCMUser and with this do not allow them to perform any customization on the device.

with CUCM 6.x i really do not see this as an issue since with this new versions you need to enable the access to CCMuser, not like previous versions 4.X and 3.X in which any user could log to CCMUser

i've configured EM in several CUCM releases and in most of them i have phones and users associated for several purposes and so far i haven't seen any issues by that.

you can create a default EM profile with no lines, which you configure the phone to load when logging off someones profiles to avoid having the phones and users associated




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