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Extension Mobility through VPN

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Level 1

I am using Extension Mobility with IP Communicator and am experiencing no known issues except for when agents try to work remotely through VPN. At which point, when they click on the service and enter their user name and pin, they receive an error, "10." and are unable to sign onto extension mobility. I can statically assign their IP Communicator with their profile and they can then work through VPN. To the best of my knowledge, I am not blocking any traffic once authenticated through VPN.

Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

BTW: Call Manager 4.1.3 sr4d and IP communicator ver

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Level 4

Try to rerun the AD plug-in

Level 1
Level 1

Check the profile they are using is assiciated with the user - I had some issues it was down to that - but can't remember if it was the same error number as yours.

After troubleshooting more, extension mobility in the LAN works fine on the same equipment being used from home through VPN. I statically assigned the device name in the IP Communicator options so the agents could use both wired and wireless connections. That worked fine in the LAN. As a workaround, I had to create a device profile with the mac address of the VPN mac address. That allowed the agent to connect remotely but now I can only have one agent connect because Cisco VPN client uses the same MAC address for all of our clients! It seems like EM is using the connection mac and not the predefined device setting in IP Communicator.

Is there a resolution for this?

In speaking with Cisco, I have been advised that the VPN adapter statically assigning the same mac address to all who use it is by design and that Extension Mobility with IP Communicator through VPN doesn't work because it is not designed to work that way.

In otherwords, the only way to use IP Communicator through VPN is NOT to use Extension Mobility.

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