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Extention Mobility

Is there a special secret to making this work.

It works for a few people but some it dosent. Strange, is there a checklist or a set procedure to follow on the phones that people are logging into ant out of?


Brandon Buffin

What problem are you seeing?


Well it seems like all the usrs that were bulked from the initial install can log in and log out of the phones that i add the EM services to if they are enabled to under their user account (if that makes sense)

If i make a new user and enable EM then they cant login. i know that sounds weird

Maybe im creating new users and phones wrong?

May i know if u have created device profiles?

Some of required items of EM:

1.create user

2.create/register phone

3.create device profile

4.enable EM for user/phone

I dont know if i have listed all.

Hope this might help



In adition to previus reply , dont forget to Subscribe The phones to the service , and in user page dont forget to associate EM to the user.

Another tricky part I usually see in my courses is that people resist to declare the url in ip phone services as it is presented. The url is case SenSitiVe and you should copy it as it is presented in configuration guides , excep of course the ip address of the CCM

best regards,

Luis Oberto

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi jcleary,

Here is a checklist that may help you pinpoint the problem;

Configuration Checklist for Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility

From this good doc;

Subscribing Cisco IP Phones to Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility


You must configure the Cisco IP Phones in Cisco CallManager before you subscribe the phones to Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility. To configure the phones, refer to the "Cisco IP Phone Configuration" section in the Cisco CallManager Administration Guide.

For a review of device profiles, refer to the "Understanding Device Profiles" section.

To subscribe to the Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility feature, perform the following procedure.



Step 1 From Cisco CallManager Administration, choose Device > Phone.

Step 2 Click Add a New Phone and click Insert.

The Phone Configuration window displays.

Step 3 From the Phone Configuration window, choose the Subscribe/Unsubscribe Services link.

Step 4 From the drop-down arrow, choose the service name that you added in the "Adding the Cisco Extension Mobility Service" section (for example, Extension Mobility).

Step 5 Click Continue.

Step 6 Click Subscribe. Close the window.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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