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Forwarding Offnet When Device is not active


I'm looking for a solution to a forwarding issue we have from our CM 3.3(3)sr4a.

Currently I have a phone, 7960 with DN2626. This number is a DID number and calls come in directly to me. Let's say I'm a part time employee so I'm out of the office often, and my desk space is shared. When I leave the office, my phone is unplugged and put into a closet until I return. Is there any way to have my calls forwarding to my cell phone, even though the actual device is no longer plugged in? Perhaps something like this could be accomplished using softphones instead? Or maybe the gateway (router) could be configured to automatically forward any matching incoming calls back out the PRI without even touching the CM?

I'm open to any suggestions!

Thank you

Lisa Albertson

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There are a few ways, but the easiest could be for you to goto your CCM user website, login, and forward your calls to your cell that way. You could do this before you left the office or even from home through a VPN connection or something.

I used to do this sometimes when I worked remote @ Cisco.

Unfortunately until CCM 4.1 we don't have Time of Day capabilities for Call Routing unless we send the calls through a Unity Server or an IPCC Express server. If so then we can create more elaborate routing decisions (expecially IPCC Express). Let me know if you want additional info on the latter.



Thank you for your response. However, I tried this and the call fails. When I unplug my phone and then try to call it, I get a recording which states "all circuits are busy". This only happens when the phone is unplugged, and I am able to make calls to other phones in the building, so it is some issue with the phone being unplugged.

4.1 is going to have time of day routing?! I would be interested in any info you can send me. I have 4.0 to load, but there's still too many bugs for me to install it.



if you forward all your phone before you unplug it, it should forward to that number....

FYI, a quote from ccm4.0 release notes:

Prior to Release 4.0 of Cisco CallManager, unregistered devices without configured forwarding got removed from the digit analysis (DA) table and required dynamic digit analysis. Prior to Release 4.0, when a phone unregistered, call processing allowed a call to pass to the next closest match in the Calling Search Space (CSS) list. With the introduction of static DA in Release 4.0, whether a phone is registered or not, the device remains in the DA table, and the directory number intercepts the call.


Why too many bugs??? 4.0(2a) seems reasonable stable..

And why don't you use Extension Mobilty on your shared desks...that can save you some phones!

And 4.1 does have time of day routing, the release notes are on Cisco web....

But 4.1 is on new-product-hold until testing is completed (Jan 2005)

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