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Further Disabling a 7912 phone

I am trying to figure out a way to lock down a 7912 phone, so that basically all you can do is dial 4 digit internal numbers, and answer calls.

Now I know that seems straight forward with COR, but I mean, that's ALL I want allowed.

So, no call forwarding, no tranfers, no setting changes, no rebooting the phone, etc...

I made an ephone template that removed all softkeys, except for new call and end call. However, the messages softkey is still there, not that big of a deal. a COR on the voicemail dial peer takes care of them accessing that feature.

So that leaves the services button. I tried service phone <blah> but nothing changed. And from what I read it only applies to 7970 phones.

So, do I have this phone locked down as far as I can get it, or is there something else I can do?

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Hi Anthony,

I looked into this a little more but can't test as we don't have cme set up in the lab. Can you try this via the ephone template method listed below.The example shows how to disable the pc port but I think you could use the settingsAccess enable/disable as well;

settingsAccess {0 | 1}

Enables and disables the IP phone's Settings button.The default is that the Settings button is enabled.

0 Disabled.

1 Enabled.

The following example shows how to disable the PC port on an individual IP phone (ephone 15) using an ephone template:

Router(config)# ephone-template 8

Router(config-ephone-template)# service phone pcPort 1

Can you try ?


Router(config-ephone-template)# service phone settingsAccess 0


Router(config-ephone-template)# exit

Router(config)# ephone 15

Router(config-ephone)# ephone-template 8

Router(config-ephone)# exit

Router(config)# telephony-service

Router(config-telephony)# create cnf-files

Router(config-telephony)# exit

Router(config)# ephone 15

Router(config-ephone)# reset

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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I've already done the settingsAccess 0, which has no affect. The rest of the template applies, such as softkey modification, but that's all.

Thanks for digging into the issue though.


Did you ever find out if there was a way to do the 4 digit lock? We have just signed a contract and need to know if it works. A timed lock will not suffice


Just got an idea from Our local rep, we are going to turn on set mobility for those users, then set the default set to internal calls only.

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