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G.722 v.s. Wideband/AAC


Have a questions about differences between 2 (two) undermentioned audio codecs:


Codec, name: G.722

Codec Raw Bit Rate, kbps: 64

Codec, type: ITU-T standard wideband speech


Codec, name: Wideband/AAC

Codec Raw Bit Rate, kbps: 256

Codec, type: Cisco Proprietary

My Qs:

a) What type of Unified IP Phones do support Wideband/AAC ?

b) What codec is more adorable by the end-user ?

c) Does special accessories (handsets, microphone, speaker) need to implement Wideband/AAC ?

d) Cisco IP communicator supports Lin16k (Cisco linear wideband audio codec) ? What is this, Wideband/AAC or G.722 ?

Thank you.


Re: G.722 v.s. Wideband/AAC

G.722 is a new codec added by default to the newer generation phones. I believe 79x1's and higher should natively support this codec.

I think you will find more support for the G.722 codec than you will for the AAC codec, especially in terms of transcoding and interoperability.

The phone outputs generic analog (no codec) output to the speakerphone, headset, and handset, so this is a non-issue.

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Re: G.722 v.s. Wideband/AAC

that is wrong, you DO need a wideband handset if you plan to use G722

Cisco Unified Wideband Handset for Cisco Unified IP Phones

AAC is not Cisco Propietary not sure who or how you got that info:

AAC was developed by the MPEG group that includes Dolby, Fraunhofer (FhG), AT&T, Sony and Nokia-companies that have also been involved in the development of audio codecs such as MP3 and AC3 (also known as Dolby Digital).

Advanced Audio Coding

you're confusing wideband and ACC, we DO NOT support any AAC phone

so, what codec to use for phones and users?? the only one you could use is G722

G722 is already considered wideband as it samples twice as G711 under the same BW.

Read this to understand:

Wideband Audio and IP Telephony

All this already available at CCO with little search.



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if this helps, please rate

Re: G.722 v.s. Wideband/AAC


Thank you for the answers.

1. Yes, I know that implementing G.722 reqires also network & phone hardware (model, handset, speakerphone) support.

2. The fact "Wideband/AAC is Cisco-proprietary" I've gathered in the Cisco Press book 'Cisco CM Fundamentals, 2nd Ed.'

a) open chapter 5 (Media Processing)

b) select the first article (Media Processing Overview)

c) search for symbolic string 'Cisco codec'

d) you'll find the content, I've attached in the image 'CODECs.jpg'

3. I surely can beleive CiscoPress book author might confuse something, because if you are going

to '' you can find the phrase there, in the text

'... AAC is a wideband audio coding algorithm ...'

And of course, you are right, Jaime: it is a standard-based one (by ISO and IEC).

4. Nevertheless, if we are looking in the menu of Region configuration of CM4/CUCM6, we can find there

both codecs, as separate entries (look the attached images).

Can you comment anything ?


I got CCIPT 1 exam. and you

I got CCIPT 1 exam. and you right tobivan. but in the exam call the codec "cisco wideband" instead "Wideband/ACC"

A file in PCM WAV format is uploaded into Cisco Unified Communications Manager to be used as
Which four codecs are used in files that are generated by Cisco Unified Communications
Manager? (Choose four.)
A. Cisco wideband
B. G.723
C. G.711 mu-law
D. G.711 a-law
F. G.728
G. G.729A
H. G.722
Answer: A,C,D,G

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