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going pro in collaboraion?

hi everybody,

i see most people continue their pro career in security or data-center courses after completing routing-switching,

and also most employer post job offer for security positions,


what about collaboration?

is it logical that we focus highly on collaboration and get pro ccie in collaboration?

is it good market job and payment for collaboration in us and europe ?


thanks for your attention


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Re: going pro in collaboraion?

To be honest, you are posting in a collaboration community, so you may see alot of biased responses. I can say I started exactly how you described, focused on route / switch in my younger, college years. Even went on to MS in Information Security. However, while security and route switch are of course in high demand, collab is to me a very specialized set of networking and communication skills.

And for what its worth, I believe the collab section of this community is the second most active here next to route/switch. In the end, you should focus on what you enjoy.

Re: going pro in collaboraion?

thanks mike

Re: going pro in collaboraion?

Hello Mohammad,

I would fully agree with Mike' last comment.

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Re: going pro in collaboraion?

yeah, i am agre with mike too

thanks george
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Re: going pro in collaboraion?

I'd say it's more of a personal choice and to focus on what you are interested in.  In this part of the world, there are heaps of network and security jobs, but very few collaboration ones come up.  But if that's where your interest lies, and you want to go all in, then go for it!  I love the collab world and am happy to be part of it.

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Re: going pro in collaboraion?

you are right, its depends on my interest.

thanks wayne
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