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h.264 transport stream with Telesteam Episode

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Anyone have experience creating h.264 transport streams to play with DMPs using Telestream Episode? Reading through some of the posts I see people talking about transport streams with a .mpg extension. Are  you manually changing the extension from .ts?

I am a content creator, not an administrator of the system. The administrator wants bitrates under 5 Mbps for 720p content, and we are hoping the h.264 will look better at this bitrate.

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Charles Little
Level 1
Level 1

Yes you can manually change the *.ts extensions to the *.mpg extension without any problems. The MPEG4 H.264 compresion Codec will give you aproximately a 50% reduction in file size over a standard MPEG2 compression. I've attached the content creation best practices slide deck for the DMS product set for your files. It should give you most of  the answers to your questions. The preso is for 5.0 and the DMD underwent a significant upgrade in 5.2 so its a little out of date, but the sections on video compression for the DMS platform is very informative. Hope this helps.


C.O. Little