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H.323 phone codec selections on IOS gateways & CCM

When using Microsoft's NetMeeting and manually selecting any of the G.723.1 codex (R and AR), calling POTS voice points never completes. Gateway will goes off hook, but immediately goes on-hook. Using G.711 (a and u) works fine. Show Dial-peer "last disconnect cause" is 2F, but I can't find this error doce description. Connecting to an IP Phone works fine on any codec, but appears to be always using the same one, no matter the settings.

Any help is appreciated, Mike


Netmeeting uses G.711 ONLY

Thanks. Do you mean that NM<->Cisco support G711 only, or NM only supports G711 to any H.323 device? NM v2/3 does support other codecs, including G723.1 . We've measured this in NM to NM, NM to CuSeeME MCU and NM to CUSeeMe clients running on G723.1.

You must configure your H.323 gateway with G711 to work with netmeeting. If you can get it working using another codec...PLEASE POST IT!

Good luck

I do have it work with IOS Codec that but not for Call Manager. Note, I found that I had to associate NetMeeting with Call Manager server's IP address as gateway to call/receive calls to IP Phones. The Cisco docs on NM only describe integrating NM w/ IOS and not CM. I've been unable to get NM to call IP phones via NM when IOS is defined as gateway. The codec issue is understandable in this configuration since the IP Phones' only codecs are 711 and 729. NM only has 711. I've been unable to find a 729 for NM and Windows. Therefore, here is what I believe:

- IPPhone/CCM only support 711, 729 codecs. NM-IPPhone can only use 711

- Can't yet get NM to make call to IP Phones/CM when IOS is defined as gateway in NM. How?

- If I do get this to work, I'll need a transcoder if not using 711 in NM. Cisco c4000, c6000 suppots this.

Any help is appreciated,


Did you create the proper dial peers on your H.323 gateway? It should work. I would think you need a VoIP dial peer pointing to your call manager for yu NM client.

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