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How many DMMs?

Hi There

As a company if we were to implement DMPs across a number of our sites globally, is it possible to have them all connected up to one DMM?

Instead of having a seperate DMM per site.


Re: How many DMMs?

The answer would be a unqualified YES. The DMM is designed to manage hundreds and even thousands of DMP end points. As long as the DMM server can see and shake hands with the IP addresses and the DMPs across the global network then you are viable.


Re: How many DMMs?

Thank you Charles.

Once again - outstanding support from you.

Many Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: How many DMMs?


As Charles mentioned... Yes, you can manage multiple DMPs globally from a single DMM.

I would to expand your question a little further...  The key word here is "Manage".  The single

DMM can manage DMPs globally.  What I would be concerned with or where your planning needs

to be is "Content".

You need to ask some questions:

1. What type of content am I going to push to these DMPs? (Format, VODs, Video Streaming, Prezos, and


2. Size or Content? 

3. Storage requirements, Web & Content Servers?

4. Multicast Streaming?

5. Private Intranet or over Public Internet?

6. Available Bandwidth?


These are some of the questions that may assist you in your planning...




Re: How many DMMs?

Tom is very correct. There are many steps you need to consider in deploying a media system of this size. I would strongly agree with Tom that you need to sit down and discuss your content and content strategy and tactics with all your stake holders. I would also also discuss with your IT team or Cisco AM about performing a Medianet assessment based on your PIN (places in the network) locations that you will need to be able to reach on a global scale. This assessment will tell you what kind of media you will be able to transport across your network and what will need to be done to make your network video ready so you can take full advantage of what the DMS offers in its features. I would strongly suggest engageing with a Cisco DMS authorized partner that can give you the complete end to end support you will need to deploy a media delivery system of this scale.

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