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How to play two presentations from the DMP one after another and looping

Can anyone help me on this.I want to play two presenations one after another and looping from the DMP.

Cisco Employee


The easiest solution for looping two or more DMD presentations
is to create a nested playlist within DMD.  You simply
create a master presentation and add a playlist to this
presentation.  Add the desired presentations to this playlist
and then schedule or send the Action to the DMP(s) to play
the Master Presentation.  The 2 or more child presentations will
play and loop until you stop it manually.

Summary of Tasks

* Using DMD create Presentations (2 or more) that you would like
  to display on the DMP-Display(s).

* After the presentations are created, you will need to find out
  what the URL addresses are for each presentation. Using the 
  "Actions" drop down on the DMM-DMP Manager screen, you select
  a DMP and send the Presentation to the DMP.  Once the DMP displays
  the presentation, access the DMP-DM Web admin page and copy the URL
  address in the "Startup URLs-->Browser" field.   Repeat this process
  for each DMD presentation that you want to loop.

  For example:
  and so on...

* Another parameter or variable that you will need to find out is
  the duration of your DMD presentation(s).  Some Presentations may be
  a slideshow of images and some may contain videos.  Your will need to 
  play each presentation on the DMP to determine the duration length of 
  each presentation that you will add to the looped playlist.  

* Create a Master presentation using DMD. In this presentation, you will
  create add a "Playlist" to the presentation by selecting the Playlist
  button-drop down.  Select "All Media Types" and a Playlist object will
  be added to the Master presentation.
  - Double-click on the object to add content

  - Select "Add URL" button in the Playlist Content window.

  - Fill in the required fields (URL Title & Link) in the "Add URL"
    window.  Repeat the process for each presentation that you want
    to add.

  - Set the Duration for each item in the Playlist. Select the Item
    in the list and then DOUBLE-CLICK on the "Planned Duration"
    field and edit the time to desired duration.  Repeat process for
    each item.

  - Save Master Presentation

* Schedule or use the  "Actions" drop down on the DMM-DMP Manager screen
  send the Master Presentation to the DMP(s).  The Playlist will play and
  Loop after the last item in the Master Playlist.

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Thank You!



Hi Tomas,

Should this procedure work with locally stored presentations too?

I have links like: file:///tmp/ftproot/usb_1/deployment/xTAS-core/appgen/clad/http_pull_81_clad_78_.htm.

It works fine when I am scheduling it with GO TO URL but it doesn't loop.

So I did a master presentation with only this link, but it doesn't work either.

How can we loop one presentation with locally stored files? The players are 4305G if this is important.

Thank you,



Thomas!  You Da Man!!!

This solution works perfectly!!!!