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HTML embeded video is not playing on DMP

We had created website first page is outputing a simple grid control that is working perfectly fine. On second page we had embed a video that is playing inside the media player control through html.

Second page is blank on DMP, please suggest way forward as if we view the same website to a normal PC both of the pages are working.

Any help in this regard will be highly appriciated.

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Nicolas Fournier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Muhammad,

Playing the video embedded in HTML is not a very good idea on DMP since the built-in DMP browsers has some limitations compared to a laptop one.

As per the DMS content creation best practices, it is already not advised to use pages generated by

To solve your problem, maybe you could consider using a playlist that would first display the html page you've created and would then display your video as a content taken from the DMM and not embedded into HTML?

You would end up with something that would look more or less like this:



Hi Nicolas,

Thanks a lot for you valuable comments, basically the idea is we wanted to implement an intelligent engine that will fetch information and videos randomly from a set of repository (Database) that can be modifyed by and admin.

So admin can change real time changes without using the DMM or pushing those changes to the DMP rather the engine will fetch those information from the Database.

If you could help us in this regards that will be really helpfull to us.

Secondly if you had any experience regarding ASP.Net webpages on the DMP (performance degration).

Hi Muhammad,

Unfortunately the only option I see is to change the playlist manually on the DMM then push it back to the DMP.

You have to keep in mind that the built-in browser in the DMP has very limited capabilities compared to a full-blown one.

This is why it is advised to keep as much as possible the intelligence on the DMM side.

Maybe you could consider getting in touch with your account team so that they can see if an enhancement request could be opened against the DMM to have such random playlist capabilities implemented there?

For your performance questions, I don't have much experience on it but again, given the browser capabilities on the DMP, I would try to keep my HTML content as simple as possible.



Hi Nicolas,

Thanks a lot for valuable time and efforts.