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ICM 4.6.1 and Siebel 6.0 question


Hi everybody,

We have integrated ICM 4.6.1 with Siebel 6.0 in our lab.

After installing the CTI driver for Siebel and the CTI desktop s/w, as well as the Siebel client for some agents, we started configuring the system so that we will get pop-up screens (Siebel records)of customers calling in.

We achieved that by triggering the system (Siebel server basically) to look at the ANI of the incoming call and match it to a customer record in the database. If there was no match, a new record should appear.

Now here is our problem:

When an agent wants to either transfer the call to another agent or to the supervisor, or make a conference call with another agent or the

supervisor, the Siebel record should be transfered to the that third person as well as the actual voice call.

Of course, to transfer the voice call is easy but when the third person(other agent or supervisor) receives the call the customer Siebel record is not

passed, and this record is not immediately coming as a pop-up screen, as it did for the initial agent. It seems that the ANI is not transfered from the first agent to the second, and as a result nothing

triggers the third agent's Siebel client to open the specific record.

So, as a brief description we could say that what we want to achieve, is that 2 agents could share the Siebel record of a customer that is calling in,(for a

conference) or just pass the Siebel record (when the call is transfered).

Has anybody managed to do that? Could anybody please give as a hint on what we do wrong?

Thank you very much

Kind Regards,


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You might want to check the Registry settings. Somewhere under the PIM1 Dynamic Config tree will be a key that says disalbleperiphvaruse os something like that. If that is set to 0 then the PG will not send the peripheral variables along when the call is translation routed. Set it to 1 and try it again. the screen should pop.

Hi Thomas,

I am working with Katherine on this. I am searching in the registry for some key that is close to disableperiphvaruse that you mentioned somewhere in pim1 but I can not find it. Could you be more specific about where exactly should I look in the registry?

I thought I should find it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, GeoTel, ICR, , PG1A, PG, Current version., PIMS, pim1, EAGENTData, Dynamic .... but I can not find it there or anywhere else that I have looked (I think).

I have also looked for something that could be close to peripheral values but I found nothing again.

So, any help would be appreciated

Thanks a lot,



There is a Siebel data store object that needs to be placed on the PG and some com configuration to be carriedout so that you can support this.