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Sakun Sharma

IGMP, IGMP Snooping and IGMP Querier



I am trying to set up Multicast communication for Shure audio devices on the network. All the devices are in VLAN 21 and some other controllers in VLAN 68. Devices are connected on Switch1 (Cisco 9200) and VLAN SVI is on Core Switch (4507).


I have enabled IGMP Snooping on Core for both the VLAN. I have configured core switch as IGMP Snooping Querier for both the VLANs. But when I check the IGMP status on the VLAN SVI, it says not enabled. If I try to run ip pam spare-dense-mode, it disables IGMP Snooping Querier on the core switch.


Devices within same VLAN couldn't communicate, nor can be discovered on different VLAN.


How do I enable IGMP on both VLAN and also configure core switch as Snooping Querier?


Some outputs:

sh ip igmp inter vla 68

Vlan68 is up, line protocol is up
Internet address is 10.1.xx.2/22
IGMP is disabled on interface
Multicast routing is disabled on interface
Multicast TTL threshold is 0
No multicast groups joined by this system


sh ip igmp snooping vlan 68 detail
Global IGMP Snooping configuration:
IGMP snooping : Enabled
IGMPv3 snooping : Enabled
Report suppression : Enabled
TCN solicit query : Disabled
TCN flood query count : 2
Last member query interval : 1000

Vlan 68:
IGMP snooping : Enabled
IGMPv2 immediate leave : Enabled
Explicit host tracking : Enabled
Multicast router learning mode : pim-dvmrp
CGMP interoperability mode : IGMP_ONLY
Last member query interval : 1000
Topology change : No


#show ip igmp snooping querier vlan 68 detail
IP address :
IGMP version : v2
Port : Switch
Max response time : 10s

Global IGMP switch querier status
admin state : Enabled
admin version : 2
source IP address :
query-interval (sec) : 60
max-response-time (sec) : 10
querier-timeout (sec) : 120
tcn query count : 2
tcn query interval (sec) : 10

Vlan 68: IGMP switch querier status
elected querier is (this switch querier)
admin state : Enabled (state configured)
admin version : 2
source IP address :
query-interval (sec) : 15
max-response-time (sec) : 10
querier-timeout (sec) : 30
tcn query count : 2
tcn query interval (sec) : 10
operational state : Querier
operational version : 2
tcn query pending count : 0



#show ip igmp snooping groups vlan 68
Vlan    Group                 Version      Port List
68            v2         Po141, Po143
68         v2          Po141, Po143
68   v2         Po141, Po143
68   v2         Po141, Po143

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