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Inserting a 9 and 1 in missed and received calls Directories

On a CCM 5.0 Linux platform, under the Missed and Received calls Directories it logs phone numbers. But you cannot simple hit the dial soft key and call these numbers, you must first edit them and add the 9 for an outside line and possibly a 1 if calling outside the area. Is it possible to configure CCM to do this automatically?




I only know this for 4.2, but I guess it should be somewhat the same on 5.x. For H.323 you can add the 9 or 91 by using translation on the dial-peer(s). If you are using MGCP you can use the advanced service parameters under the CallManager service to set the prefixes for the various types of numbers.


Tommer Catlin

Try the following document, is really old but it applies to all the CCM versions:

This was from a previous post.

in the iP Telephony

I have a similar issue but with CM 5.X

The customer wants to add the 91 as prefix to Missed calls, Received calls and corporate directory users. (some users show full DID numbers in my Corporate Directory) I've tried to add the prefix under the Service Parameters for CM (Device and MGCP)but not luck. I looked over the document but i dont really want to creat additional partitions and Css. Any ideas?



Service parameters ccm click on advanced and then look for prefix digits calling number. About 1/3 of the way down

Why would you want to prefix internal calls? That would make all internal calls "91" and the 4 digit extensions... which does not make sense.

Oh, no, no internal calls, Let me explain

the dialplan is 5 digit 3XXXX and the users that are associated and have an IP show in corporate directory(HQ) with the correct extension 3XXXX, However, they have some users lets said in California that do not have a Cisco IP phone but they are in the Active directory database, since I did and LDAP integration to AD, all the user information that populates Corporate directory comes from AD. User John Doe number shows as 323-245-3456 when you invoke the Corporate dir the user appears and try to hit the softkey dial, the phone dials 323-245-3456, call fails as I need the 91 for the call to go out and they do not want to use the EditDial softkey. Customer wants to add the 91 as prefix so they can dial. As I mentioned I have try the service paramenters but no luck.

Will the service parameters should also work for full DID numbers that come from AD showing in Corporate Directory. or should I ask the customer to edit the numbers and insert the 91 to all their number in AD, kind of a hasle but Can we do something in the Cisco side?



In call manager 5 we also have the Directory

Directory Lookup Dial Rules, Could this be on Option?


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