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Installing Internet Voice Connector

Hello.<br><br>I'm trying to use Internet Voice Connector in a laboratory environment, and I'm encountering some problems at install time. <br><br>I'm building a couple of Unity 3.1.3 servers. Each server is in its own domain, is the only server in that domain, and is of course the domain controller. Each server has Exchange 2000 on it.<br><br>As soon as I run Setup.exe (in the VoiceGateway2000 directory on Unity CD 1 -- which I have been told is the correct program to run, not install.exe), I see "Exchange 2000 Voice Connector" already present in Exchange System Manager. I do not need to create an instance of the connector by right-clicking in the Exchange System Manager tree. Is that correct?<br><br>So, if I assume that the connector that's already appeared is the one I want, I right-click it and choose Properties to verify that its configuration is as specified in the instructions I have. However, when I do that, I first get the alert box depicted here and then, when I clear that box, I get a completely blank Voice Gateway Properties box, as shown here. <br><br>It is worth noting that on the Address Space tab of that Voice Gateway Properties box, there is already an entry for VOICE (with Cost value 1). <br><br>Furthermore, if you right-click the "Exchange 2000 Internet Voice Connector" entity in the Exchange System Manager tree, "Stop" is available and "Start" is grayed out, apparently indicating that the connector is running.<br><br>I see MTS-IN and MTS-OUT queue objects, each of which contains an icon with a red circle containing an exclamation point, as shown here. Is that correct? Should the Internet Voice Connector work if Exchange System Manager looks like that?<br><br>I have not gotten digital networking going yet, and would appreciate any help avaialble. <br><br>Thanks.<br><br>Best,<br>Dave<br><br><br>David Wall Enterprises, Inc.<br>


The installation of the Unity Voice Connector for Exchange 2000 changed drastically between 3.0 and 3.1(2). It's much easier now. The docs for the 3.0 installation do not work for the Voice Connector for 3.1(2) or later. Please make sure to grab the right docs before installing the Voice Connector. Here's a link to the 3.1(3) docs on CCO.

Nancy Avinger
Technical Writer
Cisco Systems, Inc

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