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Integration of valcom 2006 A with CUCM 11.5

Dear Experts,

Need an urgent help.

We have a valcom 2006 A which we need to configure in our CUCM.

As of we have a VG204 gateway configured as a mgcp gateway with FXS ports only.Also we have cisco ATA 186 available.However this setup is not working on both.


Kindly suggest.We don't have any FXO port available.

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valcom 2006 A is a paging system which should functional in our network.

Users say when connected via ATA 186,incoming calls are coming but not getting answered.

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate
I would review the installation manual for this device:

Validate that the port from the ATA and/or VG is connected to the correct wiring pair/port on the device for the CO line, and that the dip switches on the unit are set appropriately per the guide. It can be configured for ground start, which the ATA/VG is not. It can be configured for a page port or override with contact closure, which the VG is not either.

The instructions for this mention 1A2 and other key systems so I imagine this is an older device, and it may not be happy if the voltage produced at the device is not Bell spec, but, I've yet to really have any issue with that and any page device I've tried.

I would validate at the device with a test set that it is ringing in, the output voltage is acceptable, and that this paging device is configured correctly for a loop start CO trunk. Other than that you would need to meter and see how it is looking and then reach out to Valcom, I have never used it directly so I can't say much more about how it works or what the problem would be.
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