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IP phone displays ERROR - PAST LIMIT message

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Level 1

I have a user with a phone that won't register properly and can't make or take calls. Display reads ERROR - PAST LIMIT even after a hard reset.

Thaks, Chet

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Chet,

That is an "odd" one! I remember this happening a few years ago to people and it was fixed by changing the Max Calls and Busy Trigger on the affected phones. There is actually a doc related to this issue :)

IP Phone Error Message: Error Pass Limit

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the responce Rob, I checked the Max calls and busy signal settings and they are at 4/2 which is pretty standard for out environment, but the phone is not grabbing any IP so could this be a call search space setting or maybe a partision issue?


Chet - Are you using CCUM or CME? Just a stab here but could this be a licensing issue with the numberr of devices on your cluster?


Hi Chet,

I got this message while i was trying to change the busy trigger parameter.

realised that the phone was not properly reset as even directory number was not shown on LCD display.

This happened due to not getting reset the phone so , new configuration of the device page was not getting to the phone via call manager.

somehow i was able to change my device pool which was configured to have my subscriber as active , then my new configurations pushed into the phone.

Still wondering why phones registered to publisher as active call manager are not able to reset / configure via publisher web admin.