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IP phone level settings

Our customer is experiencing low message volume on Unity messages when the caller came via the PSTN. Greetings and prompts are fine, as is the message level if the message was left on an IP phone. We have tried all the variations in the audio decision tree, with no luck. My question is, it seems the IP phones are running at rather 'hot' levels, relative to PSTN calls. Is it possible to adjust these levels in any way? If we can reduce these without affecting basic IP phone conversations, then we can boost the Unity wavegain to whatever it needs to be for adequate VM volume, and probably use quiet prompts to even things out. On the Unity forum, it seems like a number of people have had similar problems since upgrading to


FYI, our current setup is:

CCM 3.1.3 (had same problem on 3.1.2c)

Phone load (7960) is a mix of 0106 and 0108

Unity, dual-switch, G729&G711, no quiet prompts

(various codec combinations tried with no effect)

2620 w/HDVT1 12.1.5.YD3 (considering 12.2.8T upgrade)

-3/+3 input/output settings to address echo problems

tested problem with settings at 0/0, no improvement

VG200 wHDVT1 12.2.4T

0/0 settings (no echo problems)

Volume is better than on 2620's, but still soft compared to message left from IP phone.

Note: VG200's are at same site as CCM. 2620's are dispersed across a frame WAN. Problem is consistent across locations, with a mix of PRI & CAS


Re: IP phone level settings

I believe there are windows registry settings for the tsp on unity to take care of volume issues. I'll have to look around for the exact registry entry.


Re: IP phone level settings

Thanks, but I was referring to the IP phones themselves - we have already experimented with the Unity wavegain registry setting


Re: IP phone level settings

I think I am having the same problem. When a pstn caller leaves a voice mail and you retrieve it and the volume is almost all the way up on the ip phone the message still sounds very low. I am using cm 3.1.3a and unity 2.4.6.


Re: IP phone level settings

Has anyone heard of this problem in reverse? We have had complaints of some voicemails being left that are distorted, when you listen to them it sounds like the caller is too loud so it distorts the recording.


Re: IP phone level settings

the codec white paper talks about differences in audio level being seen in 2.4.6 and fixed in 3.1

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