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ip phones inventory

how to get form the call manager reports for running 7912 models for certian range of numbers , serial numbers of ip phones ..and stuff like that

Our CCM is 3.3.4

Any ideas


If you have BAT installed, you can export the phone information by phone model. However, this will only provide you with the SEP name and the phone configuration. Unless you have placed the Serial Number in the description field, you will have to manually retrieve this information from each phone.since CCM does not maintain that information as a standard item in the database tables.

Thanks for your reply

but i noticed that when i double click the ip phone ip address i got a web page that contain more information on that phone including the serial number .

Therefore cant i get it as a report or an sql inquiry as i dont enter it in the description field

Any ideas

When you click on the IP phone address in ccmadmin you are actually linking to the internal web browser built into the phone which does have the serial information. The BAT tool pulls information from the SQL database on the server and does not contain serial number information. Obtaining serial numbers is a manual process for now.

Chris Drew

For future reference. I always put the serial number in the description field when I scan the phones into the database. This create a sql entry and allows you to export records that contain the SN. Its a work around but Cisco has never put the SN in the sql by default so if you need to track it, its the way to go. I usually do something like this in the description field "Chris Drew -- INM0512345667" Hope this helps.

So the key is SQL entries , So if i need to have a report for how many 7912 phones in a certain range of number , Can sql do that ? and how to do it

Easiest way is to just use the BAT tool to export phones based on model.

The CallManager Database is stored in SQL. However, in order to retrieve the records you should use the BAT tool to export the records, but remember that this will not contain the SN's, unless you inserted the SN's into the decription field during the import.

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