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IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

I'm having problem starting Cisco IP Softphones on some computers. There were no error during installation.

softphone version is 1.3.3.

Computer is running Windows 2000 Server OS, newly installed. Re-installed Softphone 3 times already. Also tried using 1.3.4 but the same problem.

Its also happening to another windows 2000 professional.

All computers except 2 are running ok with softphone.

Any ideas?


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Check Event Viewer logs. Also do give description of the error.


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

you mean windows 2000 event viewer?

I can't see any log about cisco softphone on the event logs. :(


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Go to Control Panel, Ph's & Modems, click on Advanced tab. Do you see CiscoTSP001.tsp and MS H.323 Telphony services? Highlight CiscoTSP001 and click on Configure. Is the version the same as the Callmanager version? Check the other tabs as well and check settings. Go to Control Panel,Admin Tools, Services. Is Telephony running?


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Both CiscoTSP001.tsp and MS H.323 TAPI Service provider is on the list of providers.

The CiscoTSP version is 3.3(0.2402) which is installed by softphone 1.3.3 by default. Same version used by all the softphones in the network.I tried installing the Cisco TSP separately that comes with callmanager, version 3.3(0.2403) still the same problem. I uninstall Softphone 1.3.3 and install 1.3.4, it uses ciscotsp 3.3(0.2404) still have the same problem. I also tried restarting the telephony service still with the same result.


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

From the Windows Control Panel, select Telephony (Windows 95/98/ME/NT) or

Phone and Modem Options (Windows 2000/XP).

-Click the Telephony Drivers tab (Windows 95/98/ME/NT) or Advanced tab

(Windows 2000/XP).

-Select Cisco TSP001.tsp in the selection box and click Configure...

-If you do not see the Cisco IP PBX Service Provider telephony driver in

the drop-down list box or if you see a list for ciscotsp.tsp, uninstall

Cisco IP SoftPhone and run the install program again.

-Configure (or verify) the following settings in the Cisco IP PBX Service

Provider window:

a. Click the User tab and re-enter the username and password assigned to

this user on the Cisco CallManager.

b. Click the CTI Manager tab and verify that the CallManager IP Address

radio button is enabled and that the correct IP address is displayed

for the Cisco CallManager. If the wrong IP address is displayed, enter

the correct address.

c. Click the Advanced tab and enter 15 in the "Synchronous Message Timeout"


-Click OK.

-Restart the telephony service.

-Launch Cisco IP SoftPhone.


Please verify that local TSP (Telephony Service Provider) is enabled on

the Cisco IP SoftPhone:

-Click the Settings toolbar icon.

-Click the Advanced tab.

-Verify that the User Name, the Password, the Primary CTI Manager and

(optionally) the backup CTI Manager are correct.

-If there are errors, make any required corrections to these fields and

restart the Telephony service:

For Windows 95/98/ME: Close all applications and wait for approximately

15 seconds. If this does not fix the problem, restart the computer.

For Windows NT/2000/XP: go to Windows Control Panel > open Services

(Windows NT) or Administrative Tools and then Services (Windows 2000/XP)

> select Telephony Service >

If the status is Started, click Stop and then Start > if you are unable

to stop the service, reboot the computer.

-Launch Cisco IP SoftPhone.

-Settings Update lines

Verify Network Connectivity:

-Open a DOS window or command prompt.

-Ping the callmanager server by IP address.

-If the ping timed out, try rebooting the PC.

Also veriy that you have a device associated to your ip phone in CCMAdmin

CCMAdmin --> User ---> Device Association

Also under user check the IP softphone option and type the ip address of your PC.


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

I tried the steps, but still the same thing.

I've activated all TRACE on the TSP with detailed option. I'm attaching it now.



Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Are you finding that the softphone just doesn't start?

If so, the problem may be related to the JVM loaded on your machine. I've had this problem trying to run softphone on 2003 server. Although I've got the latest Sun JVM installed, Softphone doesn't start until I install the Microsoft JVM. Do a search in google for 'install microsoft jvm' to find a place to download it.



Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Its just the softphone not starting.

You right, MS JVM just solve the problem. I was thinking it was java problem too, but I installed the updated JVM from Sun. I couldn't find the MS JVM from MS Downloads. Google search did it.

Thanks! :)


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

Hi all,

I have had a similar problem and this is the solution:

Once you install the soft phone,the following 2 additional sw are installed in the c:\program files locations "Cisco TSP 3.2" and "Cisco TSP 3.3". un install the Cisco TSP 3.2 and install the Cisco TSP 3.3.

and ensure that you verify the setting mentioned in the previous posts. ir telephony and modem options.


Re: IP Softphone Application startup/Load Problem

The installation of SoftPhone also installs Cisco TSP. I had a similar problem when following an installation, the release notes for CCM 4.1(2) stipulate that the TSP version included with SoftPhone was supported.

However, I was unable to select a line, as none were present. I then installed the TSP from CCMAdmin Plugins which updated the TSP, following a restart the Lines were available to select.

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