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IP Softphone - No Audio

Level 1
Level 1

We have installed Softphone on multiple PC's and laptops all with the same issue. You can make the calls but there is no audio at all.

Could it be a port problem since the signaling is gettting though but not the actual call?

I am using a 3548-PWR switch with only the mgmt VLAN setup.

Also, we are using CCM 3.1. This is in a Lab environment with no routers.

Any help would be great!

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Level 4
Level 4

Is it only outgoing audio? The caller can hear the called party, but not visa versa?


No, we can not hear audio in either direction.

do you have the correct audio devices setup in softphone settings?


When you say correct, everything looks correct. Even Netmeeting came up with the audio test and it workd fine.

okay, are you using speakers and a micrphone on the mancines, or are you using a headset? I would try going into control panel and setting whichever one as the default windows device, and then in softphone set it to use the default device.


I am using the speakers and Microphone on the laptop.

Hmmm... That is funny, so am I. Do you have softphone set to default devices?


I sure do...

I'll do some digging, and see if I can find anything out over the weekend.


Thanks for your help...

I think I am a littler closer to the problem though.... I cannot ping from the switch to the phones. Sounds like a good place to start... So much for having my ccie configure the switch.

I've had this problem before. If your CM is on a different vlan than your pc, make sure the device that is set up as the default gateway on the pc is able to route to the CM. Try to ping from the def gw to the CM and then from the def gw to the pc. It sounds like a simple routing or vlan issue.

Thanks for your help... You are correct, that was exactly the problem!